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Using the command

arch -arm64 /Applications/ ...

We were able to run XCUITests on Mac Silicon machines controlled by GitHub Actions self-hosted runners.

Full story

Screenplay’s continuous integration (CI) tests take about 120 minutes of Mac compute to test our software against 10+ major open-source apps. I wanted to add compacity to the CI worker cluster, so I ambitiously purchased two ARM Mac Minis.

I used Migration Assistant…

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For ten years, the computer science research community has attempted to develop a practical smartphone-based indoor localization system. While GPS allows users to navigate streets and cities easily, it fails to accurately localize a user within a room of a building. In this independent research project, I expand on current Magnetic Localization research and demonstrate the accuracy achievable by applying real-time Particle Filtering on magnetic magnitude readings from an iPhone 7 Plus. I also explore the novel and practical idea of measuring the magnetic distributions for rooms in order to perform room identification. …

Greg Foster

Screenplay Cofounder, Former Airbnb Software Engineer, Harvard CS ‘17

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